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Alpinism on the Edge of Dreams is a live lecture with high-quality, breathtaking photos and videos that will take you on the unique journey of professional Alpinists Ines Papert and Luka Lindič as they climb some of the hardest and remote routes on the planet while mastering the unusual life of an intercultural family.

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Archive Luka Lindic

Alpinism on the Edge of Dreams

Mountaineers are special types of athletes. They're strong-minded with clear opinions and intense decision-making skills. They seek joy in constant challenges on big faces and will gladly leave behind the comforts of a warm house and fresh meals to achieve their goals in rough, barren places. When two people with these characteristics find love the result is a fierce drive to dream on the edge together, push limits and grow. When world-renowned alpinists Ines Papert and Luka Lindič found each other while getting Lost in China failure and success challenged them as a rope team and brought them together as partners. In everyday life as well as in alpinism they step up to being a couple as well as climbing partners. This isn't always easy when ideas and expectations of two strong minds meet.

Ines Papert & Luka Lindič

Join world-class alpinists Ines Papert and Luka Lindič as they explore new terrain as a pro-athlete couple that continues to live their dream of climbing big, hard walls while keeping their strong characters in harmony. Find out how seeing something from another perspective can lead to new directions. Discover how they deal with the struggle when the edges of their dream become tangible when they can't take on challenges or when challenges become too risky.

The Journey

Their journey begins in the historical Cop Pillar on the north face of Triglav, where they first climbed together. They continue to China where they opened the route Lost in China on Kyzyl Asker in 2016 after Ines had failed on the mountain twice before. This is where their story as a couple begins. They continue to repeat a new line on the north face of Piz Badile in winter, climb the north face of Grande Jorasses the same season and open a new route on one of the biggest faces in South Africa using only mobile protection.

Ines and Luka also talk about failing together. They spent two months in Patagonia and failed at climbing Fitz Roy due to adverse conditions. Still they made the best of the heavy snow by climbing up and skiing down Cerro Solo in the company of her then 16-year-old son. Their most challenging destination so far was an attempt of a new route on the south face of Shishapangma 8027m in Tibet. After a long waiting game due to weather conditions they had to abort their final go after getting caught in an avalanche.

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